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It has never been easier to buy or sell an aircraft online. is a new way to shop for an aircraft online. Create an account to start using today!

Detailed Plane Listings For Sellers & Buyers

Airplane Listings was built with users in mind. Our platform allows sellers to list as much information as needed, allowing buyers to make the correct choice of aircraft when making a purchase.

Airplane Listings On Google Maps

Support for displaying submitted listings on our custom Google Maps. This allows our users to sort by location for any aircraft or jet in our database.

Claim Listing

Allows users to easily claim their listing from the front end with required admin approval.

Private Jet Charters Have Arrived

We also have private jet charter flight partners. is a great choice if you are looking for a private jet rental.Our database of large empty leg flights as well as on-demand jet charters are being added to our platform

Inquire Form

Quick form allowing users to contact listing owner from your directory website.

Report Listing

Quickly find listings which are breaking your directory terms and conditions.

Front End Airplane Listings Allows users to submit the listings from the front end without admin access. With ease of use in mind, it has never been easier to list an airplane for sale online.

Favorite Listings

Functionality for authenticated users to collect their favorite listings.

Locations & Amenities

Custom taxonomies implementation for better directory listings classification.